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The Planetarium is an amazing “space and time machine”: thanks to digital projectors, it is possible to embark on three-dimensional virtual journeys through outer space. The concept behind the Museum is that of a real Astronomical Theatre, full of images, models, and reconstructions of the different planets.


Rome's new Planetarium was opened on May 26, 2004 inside the Museum of Roman Civilization (EUR), 20 years after the city's previous planetarium, in the Hall of Minerva, had been closed.
This modern "machine of space and time" brings the sky to everyone, condensing the centuries and light years above our heads for the benefit of the public. A perfect reproduction of the constellations shines underneath the 14 metre wide dome, showing the movements of the sun, the moon and the planets against a backdrop of the Zodiac, the Milky Way and more than 4500 stars. Three digital projectors make it possible to navigate deep space in three dimensions and real time. It is now finally possible to touch the sky with your fingers: thanks to spectacular simulations and all-sky projections, celestial bodies, nebulae and galaxies can all be held in the hand.
The planetarium of Rome offers a wide program of live astronomical shows, lectures, events and observations of the sky for all audiences, allowing everyone to approach the wonders of the heavens and unveil their secrets, in a fascinating mix of emotion, technology and rigorous science.
The nearby Astronomical Museum takes visitors on a journey from Earth to the universe, through the grand themes of space, time and the origin of the elements. It offers an interactive experience, involving giant models of the planets, dioramas and interactive multimedia stations with astronomical videogames.
The planetarium of Rome has returned to open a window onto the sky: an astronomical theatre to rediscover the natural show of a starry night, a chance to jump into the depths of space and explore the cosmos that surrounds us.

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