PATRIMONIO IN COMUNE. Conoscere è partecipare

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PATRIMONIO IN COMUNE. Conoscere è partecipare
Educational offer for the school year 2021/22
28/10/2021 - 30/06/2022

The educational programme HERITAGE IN COMMON. Knowledge is Participation is dedicated to students and teachers to get to know Rome's extraordinary cultural heritage.

150 proposals including tours and guided visits, itineraries to discover the city, readings of works of art, workshops, storytelling, appointments in museums both in person and at a distance: the range of appointments - reserved for students and teachers of all schools of all levels both in Rome and the Metropolitan City and throughout the country - is varied, evocative and also fun.

The website contains all the activities of the schools catalogue for the 2021/22 school year, as well as the programme of conferences Roma Racconta. Educare alle mostre Educare alla città, both downloadable in pdf format. Thanks to a restyling operation that allows a more intuitive and effective navigation, the catalogue can be easily consulted through the presentation cards of the individual activities, which can be selected through filters by addressee (kindergarten, primary, secondary I and II degree), by in-presence or distance activities, by typology or theme, by museums or cultural places to visit.

Renewing the tradition, strengthening the activities with an ever-increasing synergy between the institution and the world of education, increasing the interaction between the museums and the territory: these are the elements that characterise the educational offer. A tradition that is constantly innovated and developed in relation to the new needs of the scholastic public, thanks to the fact that the offer is free of charge, the attention paid to the scientific content and the methods of language in order to bring children and young people closer to the knowledge of the heritage in a pleasant but conscious way, and to encourage cultural and individual growth. Therefore, not only to know and learn but, above all, to learn how to grow and participate in the cultural life of the city by acquiring an awareness of heritage as a shared asset to be protected.
"Heritage in the Municipality" also means becoming part of a shared workshop in which education is conceived and proposed as a tool for accessibility for all, because we are constantly working to overcome architectural, sensory, cognitive and cultural barriers.

Many new features enrich the offer for the year 2021/2022. In addition to the "great classics" of museum tours and city itineraries, which are always reinterpreted with new perspectives, there are, among other things
 - workshops related to exhibitions;
- new proposals connected with the reopening of the Casa Museo Alberto Moravia and the Planetarium - Astronomical Museum;

In the context of the permanent training programme PATRIMONIO IN COMUNE, it also offers the conference programme Roma Racconta. Educare alle mostre Educare alla città, a large shared workshop in which museum directors, curators, scholars and university professors propose experiences and analyses, in a programme that intentionally mixes and integrates humanistic studies, to be translated into educational and cultural growth paths, mainly dedicated to students and professors. Roma Racconta. Educating to the exhibitions Educating to the city is characterised as a 'workshop' for the training of teachers, university students and citizens.

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